77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids

by Jerry Windley-Daoust

77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids

by Jerry Windley-Daoust
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Learn creative and practical ways for you and your kids to develop a relationship with Jesus together.


If you have a nagging sense that you should be praying with your kids but don’t know where to begin, this book is for you. 77 Ways to Pray with Your Kids offers short, practical explanations of the many ways Catholics pray. While not all the prayer styles will become a permanent part of your family’s prayer life, trying different types of prayer is a great way to introduce your kids to the wealth of prayer practices available. Along the way, a handful of these might become part of your family’s routine, enriching your life together and deepening your friendship with Jesus. You’ll find:

  • Age-appropriate suggestions for young children, older kids, and teens
  • Answers to questions kids have about prayer
  • An appendix of Catholic prayers
  • A quick-find index that doubles as a checklist

From mealtime prayers to keeping a prayer journal and praying a family Rosary, you’re sure to find lots of ideas for conversing with God together!