Mother and Son Discover the Real You

Every time you collaborate with God to create a Holy Moment…the real you emerges. Most people live and die without even scratching the surface of their potential. Don’t let that be your story! Let Holy Moments reveal what the real you can do.

Best Lent Ever
Mother and Son

You’ve already experienced your most authentic self…you just might not know it.

You may not have had a name for it at the time, but any moment in your life where you chose to be kind, generous, selfless, patient, or express any other form of goodness…that was a Holy Moment. And you experienced the real you.

You are more than the worst thing that has ever happened to you. You are more than the worst thing you have ever done. You are more than your greatest accomplishments and talents too.

The real you is revealed every time you collaborate with God to create a Holy Moment.

And the real you is amazing. He knows God deeply. She loves her family patiently. The real you fills the world with undeniable goodness.

You’ve caught glimpses of that person before. Now it’s time to start living every day at the real you.

Phone Displaying Holy Moments with Matthew Kelly and Holy Moments Alive

Two Inspiring Videos Every Day!

It only takes a handful of Holy Moments to flood your soul with joy and show you a new and exciting vision for the rest of your life. This Lent, you’ll receive two free videos to help you unleash your power to collaborate with God.

Phone Displaying Holy Moments with Matthew Kelly and Holy Moments Alive
Matthew Kelly
Holy Moments with Matthew Kelly

Some moments are holy, some moments are unholy, and you get to decide. This simple and practical idea is about to bring clarity to your entire life. Explore the depths of your soul-potential with Matthew Kelly as your guide.

Holy Moments with Matthew Kelly

The best ideas, the ones that change our lives—they are meant to be lived. Follow the journey of Jack Beers and Victoria Taylor as they test the limits of their goodness and strive to create a new Holy Moment every day of Lent. Are you bold enough to join them?

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