Part 2: A Better Way

Did you know there is a simple, inexpensive, and natural alternative to artificial contraception? Learn what it is and how it can help deepen your relationship and improve your sex life.

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Couple's Guide

How amazing do you want your relationship to be? The BETTER TOGETHER Couple’s Guide is full of activities, stories, and reflections that will help you assess where you are in your relationship and how to get where you want to be. Practical, hands-on, and great for date nights, this guidebook will bring you closer together and help you build a beautiful relationship that will last a lifetime. Sold in packs of two. Also available in Spanish.

Session 7 Videos

7.0 Wisdom from Corynne and Nick

7.1 How to Have a Great Sex Life

7.2 How to Have a Bad Sex Life

7.3 Protect Your Wife from All Harm

7.4 Great Expectations

7.5 God Wants You to Have a Great Sex Life

Wisdom from Dr. Danielle Koestner

Part 1: Why I Don't Promote the Pill

Wisdom from Dr. Danielle Koestner

Part 2: A Better Way