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It Was An

Incredible Year

Our Free Philosophy

We set out to create the best Catholic content in the world—resources for life and faith that would change lives. But then we started to ask ourselves, “What’s the point of creating the best Catholic content in the world if the people and parishes that need it the most can’t afford it?”

Our early research showed that more than 50% of parishes were re-using books for several years because of financial pressures. This created too many situations where we were saying to children, “This is a really important moment in your life . . . but don’t write in the book.”

So, as if it wasn’t a big enough challenge to create the best Catholic content in the world, we had another challenge: Make it free for everyone.

The mandate: Create the best programming the Catholic Church has ever seen, and make it available to every Catholic and parish for free.

That’s like giving away free BMWs. But that’s what we have done, and are doing, and will continue to do.

Why? We do it so every Catholic Moment can be a life-changing encounter with God and not just a hoop to jump through. We do it so parents don’t have to listen to their kids complain about how bored they are in CCD class. We do it because the future of Catholicism depends upon it.

And free doesn’t mean second rate.

The truth is, we have spent more money developing the Catholic Moments programs than the Church has ever spent developing such programs. These programs have been more rigorously researched and tested than any Catholic programs ever. We are employing technology in ways that are engaging and fresh. And these programs are changing lives—which is how we like to measure their impact.

The result: The most effective Catholic programs in the world for free.

Every Catholic deserves to have access to the very best resources available. Every Catholic deserves to have many opportunities to discover the genius of Catholicism. Every Catholic parent who drops their child off for a religious education class hopes that their child will have a powerful encounter with God and his Church. At Dynamic Catholic, we are serious about helping every parish in America deliver on that hope.

By producing these resources, Dynamic Catholic is serving a real need and solving a real problem. By making them available for free, Dynamic Catholic is ensuring that every Catholic has access to the very best resources at every stage of their spiritual journey.

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