Junior Assistant to Matthew Kelly

Full-Time | Office of the CEO | Cincinnati, Ohio
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Mr. Kelly’s unique abilities and primary responsibilities are vision, strategy, and content. The role of his Personal Assistant is to support him as needed in the fulfillment of his responsibilities. The goal is to maximize the amount of time Mr. Kelly spends doing those things that only he can do; and minimize the amount of time he spends doing things that other capable people can successfully complete.  

Who we are

At Dynamic Catholic our Mission is simple: to re-energize the Catholic Church in America. Catholics are leaving the Church at an alarming rate, and disengagement among those who remain is staggeringly high. This is where you come in. We are looking for driven, talented, and dynamic individuals who will work tirelessly to use their talents to inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism.


  • Assist in managing Mr. Kelly’s schedule ensuring that his days flow efficiently and smoothly by troubleshooting when issues arise, anticipating his needs, and keeping meetings on time and on schedule.
  • Prioritize, manage, and proactively work to complete a variety of projects established as key priorities in your weekly one-on-one meeting with the CEO.  Work collaboratively with internal team members and external professionals to accomplish specific tasks and complete projects.  
  • Understand the many roles and responsibilities that Mr. Kelly has both inside and outside Dynamic Catholic.
  • Assist with all incoming communications for Mr. Kelly including phone, email, and regular mail.
  • Respond to all correspondence in a timely manner, exercising judgment to reflect the CEO’s style and Dynamic Catholic’s values and policies, and in keeping with established processes and protocols
  • Assist coordinating the logistics surrounding Mr. Kelly’s travel needs.
  • Organize and manage all files and record keeping, including confidential records, contact lists, and spreadsheets.
  • Anticipate and respond to the day-to-day needs of the CEO. This will include a broad variety of tasks from assisting with special projects, to running errands, and everything in between.
  • Be available as needed outside of regular business hours for urgent or emergency situations that require immediate attention.
  • Maintain an exceptional level of professionalism and confidentiality.
  • Other projects and duties as assigned. 


  • Highly organized with an exceptional ability to prioritize. 
  • Ability to adapt quickly and reprioritize when the priorities, needs, and schedule of the CEO change.
  • The ability to manage a variety of projects and tasks simultaneously.
  • Capable of processing information and direction quickly, thinking critically, and problem solving.
  • Strong desire to learn and improve.
  • Common sense and good judgment, knowing when to take action independently and when to consult the CEO.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Hungry to keep everything possible off the CEOs desk and capable of sound high-level decision-making regarding what should and should not make it to the CEO’s desk.
  • Handles confidential and highly sensitive information with impeccable integrity.
  • Establishes rapport quickly with people from all walks of life and professionals at all levels within organizations, while maintaining important boundaries.
  • Understands that the demands of this role are unique and has an impeccable work ethic.
  • Appreciation that no task is too large or too small if it helps accomplish the stated mission of this role. 

The ideal candidate will be in the area or willing to relocate.