Travel Updates: COVID-19

COVID-19 has transformed international travel in many ways. Our goal is to help you travel as safely as possible, while following the guidelines and requirements of the countries to which we travel. See below for current requirements for U.S. travelers to our different pilgrimage destinations. 

*These requirements are subject to change at any time — for full, up-to-date, details visit official government web pages, linked below*

Official Entry Requirements

Requirements are subject to change at any time. For the most up-to-date and accurate travel information regarding border requirements, (ex. Proof of vaccination, pre-travel testing, required documents, etc.) check the official government or embassy website of the country you’re traveling to:

Bosnia & Herzegovina France Israel Italy Poland Portugal Spain Germany

Return to the United States:

All air passengers over 2 years old with a flight arriving to the US from a foreign country, are required to show a negative COVID-19 viral test result taken no more than 1 day before travel, or documentation of having recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days before they board their flight. While overseas, we will assist so that all pilgrims will be able to get a proper test taken prior to returning to the USA. Each pilgrim is responsible to cover the cost of the test, which varies by destination and maybe between 25-75 EUR per person.

Check here for all travel updates from the United States Department of State.

As of December 2021 | CDC Expands Negative COVID-19 Test Requirement to All Air Passengers Entering the United States: 

Requirements for Non-US Citizens: If you are not a US citizen, or are a US citizen but are traveling from another country, you are required to check on rules and regulations with the country you are visiting, as well as requirements for the return to any non- US country. Click here for the latest international entry requirements.

*Please note that some private suppliers (airlines, hotels, bus companies, museums, etc.) may implement their own requirements. Click to see each airline’s requirements: Air France, American Airlines, British Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Lufthansa, United Airlines