Prayer Our Deepest Longing

by Ronald Rolheiser

Prayer Our Deepest Longing

by Ronald Rolheiser
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Learn how to overcome obstacles to prayer, and discover the key to making prayer a part of your life—even on chaotic days.


Whether you struggle to believe in God, are a beginner in prayer, or are more advanced in your spiritual practice, renowned spiritual master Ronald Rolheiser will gently lead you in this book to a deepening experience of God in prayer. Your own yearning and intuition mark the starting point.

Drawing from Scripture, ancient and modern writers, and experience, Rolheiser clears common misconceptions about prayer and offers both consolation and challenge. In thirty-three brief reflections, he will help you understand how to overcome struggles in prayer, develop a mature prayer habit, and explore new prayer practices.

Trust yourself, trust God’s providence, and get ready to open your heart in such a way that you will hear God clearly say to you, “I love you!”

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