Sitting Like a Saint

Catholic Mindfulness for Kids
by Barbara Bottaro, Dr. Gregory Bottaro

Sitting Like a Saint

Catholic Mindfulness for Kids
by Barbara Bottaro, Dr. Gregory Bottaro
ISBN: 978-1-63582-053-9
The mindfulness exercises in this book—each based on the story of a different saint—will help children ages 2–12 learn to relax their bodies and minds and become aware of God’s presence.


Sitting Still Like a Saint introduces kids to the concept of Christian mindfulness. Dr. Greg Bottaro, author of The Mindful Catholic, and his wife, Barbra, have written a beautifully illustrated book that encourages kids from toddlers on up to preteens to slow down and just “be” where they are. Written in a simple, conversational style, Sitting Like a Saint includes fifteen mindfulness exercises, each one connected to a popular saint.

Dear Parents,

We’ve written Sitting Like a Saint for two reasons: to help you introduce your children to some of the great saints of our faith, and to help you and your children grow in the peace that comes from being loved by a Father who takes care of us. Mindfulness may seem like a new concept, but it is something that has been practiced since Jesus commanded us to “not be anxious” about our lives.

The exercises in this book are an effective way of teaching our children how to accept our feelings without criticizing ourselves for having them, and how to control our expression of them. In our own family, we’ve experienced that when we devote time and energy to helping our kids, we end up helping ourselves as well. We can’t give them what we don’t have. Learning how to trust God and let go of our fears, worries, and frustrations is the best way to model peace for our children.

We pray that, in teaching your children about God and the saints who love him, you will also experience a bit of that peace.

In Christ,

Greg and Barbra Bottaro

  • ISBN: 978-1-63582-053-9