Starting Point Leader Guide

by Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly

Starting Point Leader Guide

by Dynamic Catholic, Matthew Kelly
ISBN: 978-1-63582-129-1

Help parents understand what they need to know about Baptism while also equipping them with the tools they need to be amazing moms and dads!



STARTING POINT: Helping Parents Raise Great Children is a baptismal preparation program and parenting resource with three main objectives: 1) Inspire parents to start discovering the dreams they have for their child, their marriage and their family; 2) Invite parents to explore all the ways God and the Church can help them fulfill these dreams; and 3) Encourage parents to understand and maximize their influence during the nine years in which they are the primary influencers of their child’s life and beliefs.

To best accomplish these objectives, STARTING POINT consists of two parts: the in-person parent session and the guided dream journal experience (A Parent’s Journal for Dreaming) that parents will share together at home on their own time.

This leader guide has everything you need to know to conduct the in-person parent session.

  • ISBN: 978-1-63582-129-1