The Last Homily

by Richard J. Hauser

The Last Homily

by Richard J. Hauser
ISBN: 978-1-63582-065-2
Discover the powerful last homily of Fr. Richard Hauser, whose striking message is packed with priceless wisdom that will help you focus on what matters most and what matters least in this world.


Death. It’s not a popular topic. Most of us prefer to ignore it and act as though we’re going to live forever. But, as Matthew Kelly writes in his introduction to this final testament of Father Richard Hauser, “Knowing you are going to die is in many ways a great blessing and a rare grace.” It shows us what’s truly important and clarifies what we really want to say to the world.

In The Last Homily, Fr. Hauser provides us with the fruits of his own courageous encounter with death. Delivered while he was in hospice care, this is the message this beloved priest and spiritual mentor shared with his family and friends as he celebrated his final Mass.

In it, he reiterates many of the familiar themes of his life’s work—recognizing the Holy Spirit in prayer, following the Spirit’s guidance in life, and clinging to him in times of suffering. More importantly, Fr. Hauser shows us what that looks like through his own example. Full of the urgency that only imminent death can bring, this book imparts priceless wisdom about what matters most and what matters least in this world.

  • ISBN: 978-1-63582-065-2

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