Are you satisfied with the direction of the world?

The world is a mess. There’s no denying it. Many feel powerless to change it. The truth is, you know you have so much to offer. You’ve sensed it for a while now. But where do you start?

Will You Do Your Part?

Some people believe that the big problems of the world require a big solution. But God’s been using ordinary people to change the world since the beginning. Now it's your turn to be part of the solution.

Matthew Kelly Matthew Kelly

A Letter From Matthew Kelly

Most often, when people decide to write me, it’s because they have a burning question. For years, the questions were as varied as the people writing them. Lately though, I am asked the same one. People from all walks of life wonder: “Matthew, where do you find hope that things can get better?”

My answer is simple: I find hope in Lucy...

Lucy grew up getting nice grades, hanging out with a nice group of friends, and going to a nice Catholic School. When she went off to college, she embraced much of the typical college lifestyle and distanced herself from her old life.

This was especially difficult on Catherine, Lucy’s grandmother. She practically raised Lucy. She took her to Church every Sunday. She prayed for her constantly. And they used to talk regularly.

The last time they were together, they argued. Lucy said some things she shouldn’t have. A few days later, Catherine suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

Lucy was crushed. Inconsolable. After the funeral, she snuck away to her grandmother’s room and found a letter sitting on top of a book with her name on it. The letter said this:

Dear Lucy,

Please forgive me if I pushed too far and said too much the other day. I love you and I always will, no matter what. If ever you are wondering if there is more to life, do your old grandmother a favor. Pick up this book and test its wisdom. If you do, I believe the rest of your life will be filled with joy.

Love always, Grandma C

The book was Holy Moments. Lucy tested its wisdom and found within its pages a profoundly simple and astonishingly practical idea that changed her life forever.

That idea is this: Some moments are holy. Some moments are unholy. You get to decide.

From that moment on, everything changed for Lucy. Now, she strives to fill each new day with Holy Moments, honoring the legacy of her grandmother.

Lucy gives me hope because she proves something simple but powerful. The world is a mess because of unholy moments. But—and this is the important part—we can turn everything around, one person at a time, one holy moment at a time.

Starting with Lucy, a Holy Moments Movement has begun. The question isn’t whether or not Holy Moments can change the world. Lucy proves that it can. The real question is whether or not you will join her.

Will you make the choice to collaborate with God in the creation of Holy Moments? Will you teach other people to do the same? And will you do so believing that if enough people commit to doing their part, God will change the world?

If you say yes, together, we will launch a Holy Moments Movement and shine the light of hope so brightly that it will forever change the world for the better.

—Matthew Kelly

People of Possibility

Change the World

Here are three things Ambassadors do to make a difference:


Funding life-changing content

Every day, Ambassadors make it possible to bring soul-enriching resources at little to no cost to a world that desperately needs it. And they do it by giving to the mission monthly, starting at $10.


Sharing the message

In a world of mere consumers, Ambassadors choose to be disciples. They boldly spread the word about this mission in their circles of influence. Whether it’s sharing one book with someone close to them or 100,000 books with their entire community, Ambassadors do their part.


Praying for the mission

As a group, Ambassadors are an unbelievable powerhouse of prayer. They pray for the success of this mission, they pray for one another, and they pray that millions of lost souls will have the life-changing encounter with God they so desperately need.


What keeps you up at night?

We all have worries, and those worries only seem to grow in the dark, when there’s nothing else to distract us.

But imagine that one night, you got relief.

You fell into a deep sleep, and before you knew it, you were in the middle of the most calming dream of your life:

You’re in a crowd of people you do not know, but you see someone walking toward you–like they know you. A woman, hardly taller than a child.

As she approaches, her face is hidden from you, but she takes your hands in hers. They are warm and wrinkled. You notice that her outfit is one you’ve seen before, white with a blue stripe. Her face comes into focus. It’s Mother Teresa

She smiles at you and asks a question:

“What’s worrying you?”

You tell her. That chronic problem that just won’t go away. Issues with yourself, with family, with friends. Anxieties about the world. She listens—undistracted—completely immersed in you.

“What intentions would you like me to pray for?” she asks.

You tell her. There’s so much suffering in the world. Sick loved ones, friends dealing with mental illness, children and grandchildren who have left the church.

She pauses. She lifts her eyes to God and says the most sincere prayer you’ve ever heard. And then she falls silent.

Now it’s time for you to ask her a question.

“Mother, I feel so overwhelmed and powerless against these problems. How did you make such a difference in the world when you were here?”

She smiles at you, again, and says:

“I once said, ‘Do small things with great love.’ If you look back on my life, you will find one truth above all. Some moments were holy and some moments were unholy. But I stayed committed to collaborating with God in the creation of Holy Moments. I did small things with great love.”

She went on.

“There aren’t many solutions to the problems you share. There is just one. The problems you face don’t have a political or social or economic answer. They have a spiritual one. And a spiritual one alone.”

The dream faded away, and you woke up in the same world, with the same problems, but a new sense of hope. A new sense of meaning.

Today, there are thousands of unknown Mother Teresas, people committed to impacting the world, committed to doing small things with great love, committed to changing the world one Holy Moment at a time.

Join them today and become a part of the movement that's bringing hope to a hopeless world.


The Benefits of Being An Ambassador

Collaborating with God to transform others, one at a time, will flood your life with meaning and divine purpose. But here are a few other ways this mission will impact your life too:

  • Complementary resources like Matthew Kelly’s new book Holy Moments to fuel the movement.
  • A welcome kit that includes a free copy of Matthew Kelly’s best selling book Rediscover Jesus.
  • Exclusive early access to everything Dynamic Catholic offers: new book releases, pilgrimages, and program launches.
  • Monthly spiritual coaching calls from Matthew Kelly.