SESSION 2: The Greatest Event on Earth

7. Closing Prayer

Runtime: (2:18)

Ben leads us in prayer as a reminder that the best way to hear God and to discover his amazing plan for our lives is to seek him.

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1. The Mass is the most amazing event on earth.

2. Spending time with God fills us with grace so that we can live holy lives.

3. Learning to listen to God’s voice is one of life’s greatest lessons.


The Mass is at the center of Catholic tradition, and yet, the general consensus today seems to be that Mass is boring. When was the last time you approached Mass with an open heart and open mind, expecting God to communicate with you? If we are being honest with ourselves, we probably can’t remember. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take a moment to read pages 60–63 in the workbook, and watch the episode “Listening to God.” Then get yourself a Mass Journal, write down the one thing God says to you during the Mass, and invite your family members to do the same. Our lives change when our habits change, and your experience of the Mass will change when you change the way you approach the Mass.


Be, Lord Jesus, a bright flame before me,

a guiding star above me,

a smooth path below me,

a kindly shepherd behind me:

today, tonight, and forever.


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