SESSION 4: The Eucharist

6. Jesus Is in You

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Sarah wonders what it would it be like if Jesus came to visit her house, and Ben explores the many reasons why receiving the Eucharist is a great blessing.

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1. Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist.

2. The Eucharist is food for our souls.

3. Holy Communion is a lifelong blessing we should never take for granted.


From time to time, you might think to yourself, “I’m not sure if I believe that Jesus is truly present in the host I receive at Mass on Sunday.” You wouldn’t be the first person to have doubts about the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. If you watch the episode “The True Presence” you will learn about the Eucharistic miracle that took place while a doubting priest said Mass in Lanciano, Italy. While it is just one of thousands of documented Eucharistic miracles, it is particularly powerful because you can travel to Lanciano and see the flesh and blood that has remained there for for more than thirteen hundred years.

After you are done learning about the miracle at Lanciano, spend some time discussing your favorite part of the miracle with your child. Give them the opportunity to share their favorite part, too.


Lord, catch me off guard today.

Surprise me with some moment

of beauty or pain.

So that at least for the moment I may be

startled into seeing that you are here in all your splendor,

always and everywhere, barely hidden, beneath, beyond,

within this life I breathe.


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6. Jesus Is in You

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