SESSION 5: Your First Communion

5. From the Bible: The Visitation

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Hemingway dances for joy at the sound of Sarah singing inside the church. His joy prompts Ben to dive into the Bible and relive the day Mary arrived at her cousin Elizabeth’s house.

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1. Your child is ready to say “yes” to God and receive his or her First Communion.

2. The Eucharist empowers us to do great things for God.

3. God is always inviting us to share in the great celebration of the Mass.


How close is your child to the day of his or her First Communion? Consider creating a countdown. Put the number of days left on the fridge or have your child write in their workbook “22 days until my First Communion!” Anticipation compounds excitement. And your excitement will spill over to increase their excitement regarding this very important day.

But don’t stop there. When you go to receive Holy Communion next Sunday at Mass, bring your child with you. Encourage them to watch you carefully so they will know what to do. When you get back to your seat, lean in, and whisper, “I can’t wait for the day when you get to receive Communion, too!”


My Lord and my God,

I firmly believe that you are present in the Eucharist.

Take the blindness from my eyes,

so that I can see all people and all things as you see them.

Take the deafness from my ears,

so that I can hear your truth and follow it.

Take the hardness from my heart,

so that I can live and love generously.

Give me the grace to receive

the Eucharist with humility,

so that you can transform me a little more each day

into the person you created me to be.


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4. The Eucharist Empowers Us to Do Great Things

5. From the Bible: The Visitation

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