SESSION 6: God’s Family

2. Your Parish Family

Runtime: (5:53)

Jesus sent his disciples out into the world to share his love and message with every person in every country. Ben reminds us that Jesus’ great commission holds true for us today.

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1. We are all made for mission.

2. Our parish is your spiritual family.

3. God created each of us with a purpose.


Gather your family together one night after dinner and watch the episode “Go Make a Difference.” How did each member of the family feel when they heard the story of the boy and the starfish? How did you feel after hearing that story?

Together, take ten minutes to write down a list of 20 ways your family can make a difference in the lives of others. Make sure that at least five of the ways listed involve your parish. Your parish family has countless ways to powerfully serve those in your community.


Loving Father, thank you for all the ways you bless my family.

Inspire us to share your love with everyone who crosses our path.

Never let us forget that you are always with us and that we are blessed.


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2. Your Parish Family

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