SESSION 1: You Are Blessed!

1. Welcome

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Meet Ben and Sarah as they search for their pet gerbil, Hemingway, and remind us how blessed we are to be members of the largest family in the world.

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1. You are blessed.

2. First Reconciliation is one of many great moments in your journey with God.

3. Few things bring more joy in life than expressing gratitude and sharing your blessings with others.


On page 8 of the workbook, your child is invited to make a gratitude list. Why? Many reasons. Gratitude has been scientifically proven to enhance mental and physical health. Gratitude improves an individual's self-esteem. Those who consistently practice gratitude sleep significantly better than those who do not. And a grateful person will always have better relationships than an ungrateful person.

Learning to respond to God’s blessings with gratitude is one of life’s great gifts. Make your own gratitude list, and share it with your child over dinner.


Pray this prayer with your child each day this week:

Loving Father, thank you for all the ways you have blessed me in the past, all the ways you are blessing me today, and all the ways you plan to bless me in the future. I know you have great plans for me. Help me trust in you and accept every invitation you give me. Amen.

Session 1 Videos

1. Welcome

2. You Are Blessed

3. Count Your Blessings

4. My Journey with God

5. From the Bible: Gratitude

6. I Am Blessed. I Am Grateful.

7. Closing Prayer

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