S2:E6 The Prayer Process

Think about some of the best conversations you’ve ever had. And then imagine a conversation that’s even more hopeful and inspiring than any of those. This is what a conversation with God can be like. He speaks in lots of different ways - sometimes He’s loud- other times, He’s so subtle and quiet you nearly miss what He’s trying to say. Whatever His message - it’s worth hearing. All it takes to hear it is the courage to begin the conversation.



Program Materials


I Heard God Laugh

As he shares what transformed his life, along with intimate details of his own journey and struggle, Matthew Kelly teaches us how to apply the great spiritual lessons learned to our own lives.


The Companion Journal

In this extraordinary prayer journal, Matthew Kelly powerfully demonstrates that we cannot live the life we have imagined, or experience the joy we yearn for, unless we learn to tend the soul.


Catholic Moments