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April 2 | Less Is More

Saint Francis of Paola

A.D. 1416–1507

Simplicity is good for the soul. 

We complain about how complicated life has become, but we continue to complicate our lives. The two main ways we complicate our lives are with things and commitments. So much of our anxiety comes from these things and yet we cling to them and multiply them as if they were prizes to be cherished.  

Saint Francis of Paola understood the maxim “less is more” so well that he founded the Order of the Minims, a Latin word that means “the least.”

Here are five examples of how less is more, and how they applied to Saint Francis of Paola’s life.

  1. Less Comparison, More Contentment: Living in a cave for much of his life, Francis focused on his relationship with himself and with God. He embraced a life of contentment, free from the shackles of measuring oneself against others. How would your life change if you stopped comparing yourself to others?
  2. Less Talking, More Listening: The silence Francis lived in was not emptiness but a profound listening—to God, to nature, and to the inner workings of his soul. When is a good time each day for you to spend ten minutes in silence?
  3. Fewer Commitments, More Time Just to Be: By stepping away from societal expectations and commitments, Francis carved out time just to 'be' with God. How can you limit your commitments and spend more time just being with God?
  4. Less Complaining, More Gratitude: Francis recognized the gift of each moment of his life, whatever that moment brought. He embodied a spirit of gratitude, focusing on the spiritual treasures God gave him. What are three things you are grateful for today?
  5. Less Clutter, More Clarity: When Saint Francis of Paola moved into a cave, he removed literally everything that could clutter his life. What unnecessary clutter can you remove from your car, your office, your home?

“Less is more” means different things to different people. Find out what it means to you, embrace its wisdom, and take note of how it changes your life.


Less is more.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Boatmen, Mariners, and Naval Officers

Feast Day Shared By: Saint Mary of Egypt

Canonized: May 1, 1519

Canonized By: Pope Leo X

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