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Fill out the form below and a Dynamic Catholic member will reach out to you within 72 hours to discuss bringing Holy Moments to your zip code.

*Minimum order of 1000 copies.

Bring the message of Holy Moments to everyone in your community

Jim read Holy Moments and he was struck by the simplicity of the message: Some moments are holy, some moments are unholy, and you get to decide. He contacted my office and ordered 100,000 copies of the book—enough to cover every single household in his entire zip code. No one, and I do mean no one, has ever done that before. Watch his inspiring story and do something bold.


Why should I sponsor my zip-code?

Every book you sponsor is a seed. Each one gives God the opportunity to transform a life. Over the past 15 years, we’ve seen God use the right book at the right time to inspire literally millions of men, women and children across the country.

Now, you can help pioneer one of Dynamic Catholics most innovative evangelization efforts to date. No more waiting helplessly with nothing to do to inspire your family, friends and neighbors to rediscover their faith. When you mail Holy Moments directly to the men and women of your zip-code, you invite your entire community to collaborate with God.

With one bold choice, you can flood your entire zip-code with Holy Moments.

How much does a zip-code sponsorship cost?

It costs $3 per household.

Is my gift tax-deductible? 

Yes! Dynamic Catholic is a 501c(3) organization. Your gift is completely tax deductible.

What is the minimum number of households that I can sponsor?

The minimum sponsorship amount is 1,000 households, or a $3,000 one-time gift.

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How many households are in my zip-code?

When you fill out the form, a Dynamic Catholic representative will call you within 2-4 days. We will be able to inform you of how many mailable households are in your zip-code and in surrounding zip-codes. From there you can decide whether you will sponsor the entire zip-code or a portion of it.

Have other donors sponsored my zip-code?

We will be able to inform you if any households have been sponsored in your zip-code and how many are left to flood with Holy Moments. 

How do I make my gift?

Making your gift is quick and easy. Fill out the form above and you will receive a call from a Dynamic Catholic representative ready to process your gift. Gifts can be made by credit card, debit card, or check. 

Can I send in part of my gift now, and the rest of my gift later? 

At this time, the books will only be shipped after the entire order is covered. 

How do I maximize the success of my mailing?

There are many ways to maximize the success of your mailing. Here are just a few ways others have done so:

  • Pray for each individual that will receive Holy Moments
  • Talk about Holy Moments with those in your community. You never know who may have received one in the mail and just needed a push to read it!
  • Create Holy Moments every day. Don’t just send Holy Moments to every household, witness to the power and joy of Holy Moments in your daily life! 

What does Dynamic Catholic send to the households that my sponsorship covers?

When you sponsor a zip-code mailing, included within the mailing is:

  • A copy of Holy Moments
  • A letter from Matthew Kelly explaining why this life-changing book arrived at their doorstep. (Hint: because of you!)
  • A card with an inspiring quote from Matthew Kelly’s Holy Moments, and an invitation to receive additional copies of Holy Moments

Can I adjust what’s in the package for my zip-code?

Packages are not able to be customized. This is for three key reasons:

  • Impact: We deliberately tested the current package and found it to be the most effective at generating engagement and igniting transformation.
  • To keep the cost as low as just $3 per household
  • To ensure we can send Holy Moments to as many households as possible as efficiently as possible

How do you get the names and addresses of individuals in my zip-code?

We rent household addresses for a one-time use from a list broking service. 

Will you resell or give out my zip code’s information?

Never. Your information is never shared or sold, and neither is theirs. 

Do the books only go to Catholics? 

The book will go to anyone in your zip-code, regardless of faith or denomination. This includes Catholic individuals and non-Catholic individuals. 

We began the book program 15 years ago to engage disengaged Catholics in the two moments each year they attend Mass: Christmas and Easter. But now, after all that’s happened over the last few years, too many people have stopped coming to Church altogether. 

In our most creative evangelization effort yet, we are meeting people where they are by sending books straight to their homes. This is evangelization in its purest form. 

The language in the book and package are specifically designed to be universally accessible no matter where someone is in their faith journey, or whatever religion they may or may not practice. Your shipment will invite everyone who receives it to let God, and nothing else, direct their lives. That is a message that everyone needs to hear. And this is how we will sow as many seeds as we can and change our culture.  

How will I know when the books I sponsored have shipped?

The books you sponsor will flood your zip-code with Holy Moments 8-12 weeks after your donation is received. You will then receive an email informing you that your books are on their way. 

What kind of impact should I expect to see from this effort?

The truth is, you will only ever see about 1% of the impact you help create. Because of your generosity, men and women across your community will learn how to collaborate with God and create Holy Moments for the rest of their lives. You will witness some of those Holy Moments. You may even see some people walking down the street with the book in their hands. But there will be countless Holy Moments and lives transformed that you don’t see. 

Just know that the goodness we bring into the world never dies. It lives on in other people, other places, and other times. It is literally impossible to calculate the ripple effect of goodness your choice will set off in the world.

But make no mistake, real people’s lives will change forever. Here are just a few of the testimonies that we have received from individuals who have received Holy Moments:

“I received the book Holy Moments in the mail. On the cover, it says ‘a handbook for the rest of your life’ and, as a high school student, I decided to take that seriously. I now carry the book around with me everywhere and point out Holy Moments every time that I see one. This book has changed my life for the better. ” – Jim

I recently hosted a brunch at my home which turned into an impromptu discussion of Holy Moments, a book that all of us received in the mail. Holy Moments has transformed our small community. “Life changing” “impactful” were among the spontaneous comments made. So many thanks to whomever gifted us this gem."  - MaryBeth 

"I am so excited to have had this book appear in my life! When I received the book I read it all in one sitting, cover to cover. It has inspired, uplifted and thrilled me to say the least. Holy Moments has helped transform my marriage, my relationship with my children, and how I see everyday ordinary tasks as opportunities to collaborate with God.” - Tracie

If you have any further questions please email David Adamitis at
or call 859.980.0639