Catholic Moments

There are 10 key moments in the lives of Catholics. Some of these moments happen only once in a lifetime. Others happen every year, every week, or even every day. We are in the process of developing 10 incredible programs for these monumental moments.




Most young Catholics are disengaged. Engaging them is the first step. DECISION POINT is engaging teens in a powerful conversation about their faith. It’s changing hundreds of thousands of young lives, and it’s the most used Confirmation program in America.

A smiling teenage girl sits on a tan couch in her living room while reading through Dynamic Catholic's confirmation program, Decision Point


Lent & Easter


Most people give up chocolate for Lent. BEST LENT EVER invites you to do something different: take a 40-day life-changing journey that will help you become a-better-version-of-yourself.

A smiling young couple hold their baby boy together for a picture in the middle of a corn field while wearing matching white tshirts and denim button ups

This Lent was truly the best Lent I have ever had! Thank you!

Toni, via Facebook

Advent & Christmas


We prepare for everything important in life, and how we prepare has the greatest impact on our experience. Have your best Advent ever so you can have your best Christmas ever.

A young woman stands outside bundled up drinking hot chocolate while looking at bright christmas lights during the advent season


First Reconciliation


There’s never been anything like BLESSED in the Catholic world for children. Animation. Illustrations. Easy-to-use leader guide, and more . . . all to help young Catholics prepare for their First Reconciliation.

A mother and her daughter sit in their home reading their Blessed workbook to prepare for First Reconciliation

Catholic Moments provide the perfect opportunity to help people of all ages rediscover the genius of Catholicism and develop a personal relationship with God.

First Communion


BLESSED is changing the way children prepare for their First Communion. It’s taking young Catholics on an unforgettable adventure that captures their hearts, engages their sense of wonder, and brings the faith to life.

A young boy leans over a chair praying with his hands folded in front and his eyes closed as he prepares for first communion


If the Church is to become vibrant again, it is of vital importance we begin thinking on a whole new level.

Matthew Kelly

Marriage Prep


Dynamic marriages are at the heart of every thriving community. We need to do more for married couples, and we need to begin by giving engaged couples a world-class preparation experience. BETTER TOGETHER will do just that.

A young man carries his fiancé on his back up a grassy hill while they smile and think about marriage


Every child—every person—deserves the opportunity to discover and embrace the genius of Catholicism.

Birth & Baptism


The birth of a child is an incredible opportunity to re-engage parents in their own spiritual journeys and to teach them how to raise dynamic Catholic children--because every child deserves to discover the genius of Catholicism.

A young mother holds and kisses her newborn baby who is getting ready to be baptized


Daily Prayer


The Christian life is not sustainable without daily prayer, yet most Catholics have never been taught how to pray. It’s time we taught people how to develop a strong and practical daily prayer life.

A group of three men and a young woman sit together hand in hand at a coffee shop with their heads down and eyes closed in prayer with their praying journals in front of them

Meeting people where they are . . . leading them to where God calls them to be.

Sunday Mass


The central experience of Catholicism is the Mass, yet many people of all ages say they get bored. We’re developing a program that promises you will never be bored at Mass again.

A catholic priest in all white cloaks holds up a chalice and eucharist in his hands during Sunday mass while a deacon stands next to him with his eyes closed and head down


Aging & Dying


God wants us to live well, but he also wants us to die well. The Church needs a world-class program to help people deal with the grief and practical issues surrounding their own death and the deaths of loved ones.

An elderly woman's hands hold a young child's hands while she sits in a wheel chair wearing denim jeans and a navy colored sweatshirt


Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults


Tens of thousands of adults become Catholic every Easter. We are developing an RCIA program that takes adults on an incredible journey into the heart of the Catholic faith and inspires them to be lifelong disciples

Two middle aged men smile and shake hands in front of a large window as they both meet for the RCIA program