The RCIA Experience


Every year, tens of thousands of adults enter the Catholic Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or RCIA. We are developing a free, world-class RCIA program that will give parishes the resources they need to engage adults in the Catholic faith in new ways, prepare them to join the Church, and inspire them to be lifelong disciples.

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DECISION POINT is engaging young Catholics in a powerful conversation about their faith. Today it is the most used Confirmation program in America, and it’s changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

Best Advent Ever

We prepare for everything important in life, and that includes Christmas. Prepare for Christmas in a different way. This free program will help you have your best Advent ever so you can have your best Christmas ever.


There’s never been anything like BLESSED in the Catholic world. It captures children's hearts, engages their sense of wonder, and takes them on an unforgettable adventure as they prepare for their First Communion and First Reconciliation.