Our Team

At Dynamic Catholic, we have many unique talents and abilities, but only one Mission: to re-energize the Catholic Church in America. We each have a role to play, and by working together, we believe we can accomplish great things. Together we are changing the world — one day at a time.

Meet the Leadership Team

Matthew Kelly, Founder

Matthew Kelly


Andrew Krumme, VP of Operations

Andrew Krumme


George Josten, Director of Ministry Services

George Josten

Ministry Services Team Leader

Meet the Dynamic Catholic Team

David Adamitis, Book Program Coordinator

David Adamitis

Research Analyst

Abigail Albrinck, Mission Partner

Abigail Albrinck

Mission Partner

Stephen Anderson, Content Team Leader

Stephen Anderson

Content Team Leader

Claire Arrivo, Videographer

Claire Arrivo


Haley Autenrieb, Executive Assistant

Haley Autenrieb

Executive Assistant

Thomas Autenrieb, Senior Development Officer

Thomas Autenrieb

Senior Development Officer

Ethan Baier, Full Stack Developer

Ethan Baier

Full Stack Developer

Maddie Bantu, Web and Email Designer

Maddie Bantu

Web and Email Designer

Kenny Bauer, Fulfillment Operator

Kenny Bauer

Fulfillment Operator

Karen Berling, Data Administrator

Karen Berling

Data Administrator

Doug Beyer, Senior Graphic Designer

Doug Beyer

Design and UX Lead

TJ Bradley, Prospect Research Analyst

TJ Bradley

Development Lead

Arcadia Bruce, Mission Representative

Arcadia Bruce

Mission Representative

Eric Connolly, Marketing Team Leader

Eric Connolly

Marketing Team Leader

Emily Critz, Graphic Designer

Emily Critz

Graphic Designer

Susan Durand, Salesforce Developer

Susan Durand

Salesforce Developer

Holly Easton, Fulfillment Operator

Holly Easton

Fulfillment Operator

Lindsey Ellalasingham, Executive Assistant

Lindsey Ellalasingham

Executive Assistant

Beth Ford, Accounting Team Leader

Beth Ford

Sr. Accounting Associate

Claire Fulton, Mission Partner

Claire Fulton

Mission Partner

Larry Gabbard, Salesforce Developer

Larry Gabbard

Salesforce Developer

Evelyn Garcia, Pilgrimage Coordinator

Evelyn Garcia

Pilgrimage Coordinator

Bonnie Grieshop, Bookkeeper

Bonnie Grieshop


Sarah Hack, Direct Mail Coordinator

Sarah Hack

Direct Mail Coordinator

Joe Hemmelgarn, Recruitment Marketing Lead

Joe Hemmelgarn

Recruitment Marketing Lead

Michael Hickey, Fulfillment Operator

Michael Hickey

Fulfillment Operator

Tatumn Holland, Videographer

Tatumn Holland


Emalie Huber, Senior Development Officer

Emalie Huber

Senior Development Officer

Chris Kaiser, Senior Development Officer

Chris Kaiser

Senior Development Officer

Norah Kearney, Content Writer

Norah Kearney

Content Writer

Brian Kilman, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brian Kilman

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Emma King, Gift Entry Associate

Emma King

Gift Entry Associate

Glen Kowalski, Strategic Execution Lead

Glen Kowalski

Strategic Execution Lead

Katelyn Conner, Graphic Designer

Katelyn Major

Graphic Designer

Tom Marvel, Fulfillment Team Leader

Tom Marvel

Fulfillment Team Leader

Brandon McGhee, Systems Team Leader

Brandon McGhee

Systems Team Leader

Audrey McKee, Mission Partner

Audrey McKee

Mission Team Floor Leader

Matt Miller, Operations Team Leader

Matt Miller

Operations Team Leader

Erik Minter, IT Systems Administrator I

Erik Minter

IT Systems Administrator I

Steve Mullen, Fulfillment Operator

Steve Mullen

Fulfillment Operator

Mary Murphy, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mary Murphy

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Charlie Powell, Fulfillment Operator

Charlie Powell

Fulfillment Operator

Colin Rahill, Content Writer

Colin Rahill

Content Writer

Vincent Ramundo, Strategic Execution Lead

Vincent Ramundo

Strategic Execution Lead

Lucy Reed, Graphic Design Intern

Lucy Reed

Graphic Design Intern

Sarah Richards, Research Analyst

Sarah Richards

Research Analyst

Priscilla Rosing, Human Resources Coordinator

Priscilla Rosing

Human Resources Coordinator

Veronica Sacca, Mission Partner

Veronica Sacca

Mission Partner

Craig Schebler, Salesforce Developer

Craig Schebler

Salesforce Developer

Anna Schmidl, Digital Marketing Specialist

Anna Schmidl

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aileen Schwab, Mission Partner

Aileen Schwab

Mission Partner

Grace Simon, Mission Partner

Grace Simon

Mission Partner

Brooke Smith, Executive Partner to Matthew Kelly

Brooke Smith

Executive Partner to Matthew Kelly

Mary Anne Steiner, Accounting Associate

Mary Anne Steiner

Accounting Associate

Libby Stupica, Strategic Execution Lead

Libby Stupica

Strategic Execution Lead

Cristy Thompson, Holy Moments Volunteer Lead

Cristy Thompson

Volunteer Lead

Brian Walsh, Marketing Strategy Advisor

Brian Walsh

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Kenny Wandstrat, Human Resources Manager

Kenny Wandstrat

Human Resources Manager

Steve Wandstrat, Maintenance Coordinator

Steve Wandstrat

Maintenance Coordinator

Gabriel Wiese, Mission Partner

Gabriel Wiese

Mission Partner

Sheryl Wood, Accounting Associate

Sheryl Wood


Meet our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is committed to sharing their gifts, talents, and expertise to support the Dynamic Catholic Mission and Vision. By guiding our major initiatives and strategic decisions, they help us best utilize our resources to re-energize the Catholic Church in America.

Pat Burke, Board Member

Pat Burke

Managing Partner, Burke & Schindler

Brian Caster, Board Member

Brian Caster

President & CEO, Caster Companies

Fr. Jim Deiters, Board Members

Fr. Jim Deiters

Pastor of St. Clare of Assisi Parish

Matthew Kelly, Founder and Board Member

Matthew Kelly


Mark Moore, President and Board Member

Mark Moore

Senior Advisor

Brenda and Travis Stice, Board Members

Brenda and Travis Stice

Midland, TX

Julia & Mark Taylor, Board of Directors

Julia & Mark Taylor

Taylor Made Farm


You Can Change Lives

We are following our dreams, living our faith, and on a mission to re-energize the Catholic Church in America.