The Daily Prayer Experience


The Christian life is not sustainable without prayer, yet most Catholics have never been taught how to pray. We’re developing a free Daily Prayer program that will help you establish a practical and sustainable prayer routine. It will deepen your relationship with Jesus and bring clarity to every area of your life.

A group of three men and a young woman sit together hand in hand at a coffee shop with their heads down and eyes closed in prayer with their praying journals in front of them

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Learn More About Current Catholic Moments

A smiling teenage girl sits on a tan couch in her living room while reading through Dynamic Catholic's confirmation program, Decision Point


DECISION POINT is engaging young Catholics in a powerful conversation about their faith. Today it is the most used Confirmation program in America, and it’s changing hundreds of thousands of lives.

A young woman stands outside bundled up drinking hot chocolate while looking at bright christmas lights during the advent season

Best Advent Ever

We prepare for everything important in life, and that includes Christmas. Prepare for Christmas in a different way. This free program will help you have your best Advent ever so you can have your best Christmas ever.

A young boy leans over a chair praying with his hands folded in front and his eyes closed as he prepares for first communion


There’s never been anything like BLESSED in the Catholic world. It captures children's hearts, engages their sense of wonder, and takes them on an unforgettable adventure as they prepare for their First Communion and First Reconciliation.