The Daily Prayer Experience

BEST HABIT EVER is a life-changing program designed to do one thing: teach you how to really pray. You’ll find practical insights for getting started, encouragement for making prayer a powerful daily routine, and deep wisdom to help you connect with God and learn His incredible dream for your life. And you won’t do it alone. Through short, engaging videos and world-class companion resources, Matthew Kelly will walk with you every step of the way!

Nothing will change your life so completely, absolutely and forever like learning to really pray.

Are you ready?


Watch the Program

Starting BEST HABIT EVER is as easy as clicking play. 40 short, engaging videos will not only teach you how to pray, but will provide a burst of inspiration to jumpstart your prayer every day. Based on his bestseller I Heard God Laugh, Matthew Kelly himself will be your guide in this powerful journey.


Companion Resources


Read the Book

Follow along and dive deeper into each reflection with I Heard God Laugh. Gain wisdom from Matthew’s personal prayer journey, learn to tend your own soul, and discover a joy that cannot be extinguished as you deepen your connection with God.


Experience the Journal

Apply these great spiritual lessons to your life with the incredible prayer journal, Dig the Well Before You Get Thirsty. You’ll find space to write about your greatest joys and deepest struggles, ask yourself some of life’s most important questions, and explore God’s dream for your life.