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Changing Lives. Transforming Parishes.

Most of the people you see every day feel like something is missing in their lives. Welcome is an incredible experience that helps them discover what that something is—and what to do about it. It’s run by parishioners for parishioners, and it’s re-energizing parishes across the country.

Why Welcome?

We believe that Welcome is the first step in helping people make sense of life. You see, people often have this nagging feeling that something is missing in their lives. They want to work this out, but they have no idea how or even where to start.

It’s amazing how many men and women just need to be invited to go deeper and given a simple format that helps them do that. When you bring the Welcome Experience to your parish, at least three things are going to happen . . .

Inspire Your Parishioners

There are questions we all ask ourselves in different ways: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least? Welcome puts a framework around these questions. Your parishioners will get personal clarity, be inspired to start living with a deeper sense of purpose, and be changed forever.

Build Community

We all have a deep desire to feel like we belong—to feel welcome in our parish. The Welcome Experience is an opportunity for your parishioners to build meaningful and lasting relationships with other men and women in your parish. They’ll be excited to come to church on Sunday and more involved in your parish community.

Transform Your Parish

Do you dream of a parish that is dynamic and full of life? A parish that is developing true disciples? A parish that people are excited to be a part of? It is impossible to separate personal transformation from the transformation of a parish. With your parishioners’ lives transformed through Welcome, your parish will thrive.

I love things that work. I love things that inspire people and give them the tools to change their lives. I love things that help people in profoundly practical ways. That’s why I love Welcome.

Matthew Kelly

How Does It Work?

Welcome is an overnight weekend experience for your parishioners given by men or women who have previously attended Welcome at your parish. (If your parish is new to Welcome, find out how to get started). Through fellowship, faith sharing, hospitality, music, individual and group activities, Mass, and more, participants have the opportunity to step back from the everyday to reflect on their lives and their spiritual journeys and build meaningful relationships with other men or women in the parish. (Men and women attend separate weekends.)

How Much Does It Cost?

At Dynamic Catholic, we’re committed to making Welcome affordable and effective for all parishes. If your parish is new to Welcome, you will pay a one-time registration fee of $495. After the first year, there is an annual renewal fee of just $100.

Registering for Welcome gives your parish access to exclusive . . .

  • marketing materials
  • training videos
  • calls with the Welcome team
  • discounted pricing on Team Guides and Participant Journals—up to 62% off!

BONUS: When your parish registers for Welcome, you’ll also receive a Welcome starter pack, which includes:

That's an $839 value!

Want to Start Welcome in Your Parish?

Welcome works! It’s changing lives, building community, and transforming parishes across the country. For more information or to register your parish for Welcome, please call our Welcome team at (859) 980–7887 or email us at welcome@DynamicCatholic.com.

Welcome has truly been a life-changing experience. It not only changed my spiritual life, but changed every other aspect of my life as well.

Isaac, Minnesota

Welcome saved my life!

Mary Jane, Illinois

I have gone from being a ‘good Catholic’ who went to Mass every Sunday, simply because I was supposed to, to becoming an active Catholic who truly loves the faith and can’t wait to constantly learn more, do more, and inspire others when I can.

Mae, Tennessee

Welcome has made me a better father

Peter, Washington

I really don’t know where I would be today if a friend had not invited me to Welcome 10 years ago.

Sarah, New York

Everywhere I go, people tell me I’m different. They want to know what has changed my life. I tell them Welcome did it.

Jason, Wisconsin

I knew something was missing, and I don’t know why I ignored that for so long, but Welcome helped me discover exactly what was missing.

David, Florida