Helping Couples Create Great Marriages

You dream about your wedding day, your honeymoon, and growing old together. What about everything in between? BETTER TOGETHER equips you with the tools you need to build a lasting, happy, and faith-filled marriage


A marriage preparation and enrichment program unlike any other. It’ll help you . . .


Fall even more in love as you share your dreams and create new ones for your marriage.


Encourage and help each other to become the-best-version-of‑yourselves.


Get really good at discussing what you expect of each other and your new life as a married couple

Everything You Need for Marriage Prep, Just a Click Away

Short, Engaging Videos

Get real-life wisdom for the joys and challenges you’ll encounter together

A male sits on a couch with his arm around his smiling girlfriend who holds a cup of coffee in her hands and both are underneath a blanket watching Better Together marriage preparation videos

Marriage Prep Inventory

Take this marriage prep questionnaire. Built on some of the principles developed by renowned marriage expert Dr. John Gottman, it’s one of the best conversation starters for couples!

A hand holds a black iPhone with the screen displaying the results of their marriage preparation questionnaire

Marriage Enrichment Inventory

If you’re already married, you’ve come to the right place. We have incredible resources that will help you strengthen your relationship—starting with this questionnaire! It’ll spark some great conversations between the two of you.

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Program Pack

Get your marriage prep experience off to a great start. Each Program Pack contains . . .

- 2 BETTER TOGETHER Couple’s Guides

- 1 Leader Guide

- 1 DVD Set

- 1 Copy of Planning a Great Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Planning Book

Planning a Catholic wedding doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get this all-in-one planner to keep things stress-free!

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Marriage Principles

There are eight topics every couple should talk about before they tie the knot. From conflict resolution to faith and prayer, these short videos will spark great discussions on the various aspects of building your life together.

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