Better Together Program Pack

Better Together Program Pack

BETTER TOGETHER is a marriage program unlike any other—one that meets couples where they are and encourages and strengthens them at every step of their journey together. To order individual workbooks, leader guides, or DVD sets, click here.

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For years we’ve been dreaming about giving couples the marriage preparation experience they deserve. Now, that dream is a reality. BETTER TOGETHER is a marriage preparation and enrichment program that meets couples where they are and equips them with the tools they need to build lasting, happy, and faith-filled marriages. The program can be adapted to fit any schedule, and the content was created to resonate with couples at every stage of their relationship—whether they just got engaged or have been married for years. Never before has a marriage program been this flexible, and never before has it been designed to walk with couples through their entire life together.

Included In This Program:

Better Together Workbook

Better Together Leader Guide

Better Together DVD Set

Better Together Wedding Ceremony Planner