Are you ready to explore your soul-potential?

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God doesn’t underestimate you.


Why do you crave more? Because God made you for more. In fact, He’s given you a spiritual superpower: the ability to collaborate with Him right where you are.

Holy Moments are the profoundly simple and astonishingly practical way to collaborate with God, moment by moment, for the rest of your life.

Master your power to create Holy Moments and you will discover the life of extraordinary meaning and divine purpose God made you for!

Holy Moments Will Make You Insanely Happy


Holy Moments will flood your life with meaning and divine purpose. They will also make you insanely happy. 

Moment by moment, they will turn the nagging dissatisfaction in your soul into enduring and overflowing joy.

In a world full of distractions where we are encouraged to fill our lives with meaningless things and trivial activities, Holy Moments have the power to unleash the greatness of the human spirit.


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Watch and you’ll discover how to create a Holy Moment, how Matthew’s life was forever altered when he discovered this wisdom, and how every aspect of your life can be flooded with the kind of goodness that never dies.


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Once you discover the joy of Holy Moments, you will want the people around you to experience that joy too.

Nothing compares to the extraordinary gift of watching other people learn to collaborate with God and draw out the potential of their soul.

So, order your copy today and we’ll send you an extra one for free! Then, share the joy of Holy Moments—and share it boldly.

Join A World-Wide Movement


The power of Holy Moments doesn’t stop with you. It doesn’t stop with the people you love. The transformative effect of Holy Moments can breathe new life into your parish, galvanize the entire Church, and even shift the world toward a new era of generosity and love.

Bold claims? Yes. But you’ll know they are true the second you start creating Holy Moments.

A Holy Moments movement is about to begin. It starts with you. Will you answer the call?


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It’s time to let Holy Moments show you what is possible. It is time to explore your soul-potential.