Ministry Support

Our Ministry Support team supports the Dynamic Catholic Mission and Vision by focusing on people, processes, and systems that drive success.

George Josten, Director of Ministry Support

George Josten

Ministry Services Team Leader

Kenny Bauer, Fulfillment Operator

Kenny Bauer

Fulfillment Operator

Holly Easton

Fulfillment Operator

Beth Ford, Accounting Team Leader

Beth Ford

Sr. Accounting Associate

Bonnie Grieshop, Bookkeeper

Bonnie Grieshop


Sarah Hack, Direct Mail Coordinator

Sarah Hack

Direct Mail Coordinator

Joe Hemmelgarn, Recruitment Marketing Lead

Joe Hemmelgarn

Recruitment Marketing Lead

Michael Hickey, Fulfillment Operator

Michael Hickey

Fulfillment Operator

Tom Marvel, Fulfillment Lead

Tom Marvel

Fulfillment Lead

Matt Miller, Fulfillment Team Leader

Matt Miller

Fulfillment Team Leader

Erik Minter

IT Systems Administrator I

Steve Mullen, Fulfillment Operator

Steve Mullen

Fulfillment Operator

Charlie Powell, Fulfillment Operator

Charlie Powell

Fulfillment Operator

Priscilla Rosing

Human Resources Coordinator

Mary Anne Steiner, Accounting Associate

Mary Anne Steiner

Accounting Associate

Kenny Wandstrat, Human Resources Manager

Kenny Wandstrat

Human Resources Manager

Steve Wandstrat, Maintenance Coordinator

Steve Wandstrat

Maintenance Coordinator

Sheryl Wood, Accounting Associate

Sheryl Wood