Our Ministry team supports the Dynamic Catholic Mission and Vision by developing world-class programs and resources that present the genius of Catholicism in practical, inspiring, and relevant ways. The team also provides exceptional customer service, and organizes life-changing events and pilgrimages that awaken people to the possibilities of their lives.

Abigail Albrinck, Mission Partner

Abigail Albrinck

Mission Partner

Arcadia Bruce, Mission Representative

Arcadia Bruce

Mission Representative

Claire Fulton, Mission Partner

Claire Fulton

Mission Partner

Evelyn Garcia, Pilgrimage Coordinator

Evelyn Garcia

Pilgrimage Coordinator

Emma King, Mission Partner

Emma King

Mission Partner

Glen Kowalski

Strategic Execution Lead

Audrey McKee

Mission Team Floor Leader

Vincent Ramundo

Strategic Execution Lead

Veronica Sacca

Mission Partner

Aileen Schwab, Mission Partner

Aileen Schwab

Mission Partner

Grace Simon

Mission Partner

Libby Stupica

Strategic Execution Lead

Cristy Thompson, Dynamic Parish Lead

Cristy Thompson

Volunteer Lead

Gabriel Wiese

Mission Partner