Our Marketing team supports the Dynamic Catholic Mission and Vision by crafting inspiring and compelling messages that create brand awareness, promote our world-class programs and resources, and encourage people to take one step closer to God each day.

Ethan Baier

Web Developer

Maddie Bantu, Web and Email Designer

Maddie Bantu

Web and Email Designer

Karen Berling, Data Administrator

Karen Berling

Data Administrator

Doug Beyer, Senior Graphic Designer

Doug Beyer

Sr. Graphic Designer

Hayley Bossidy

Email Marketing Coordinator

Eric Connolly, Email Marketing Coordinator

Eric Connolly

Marketing Team Leader

Katelyn Conner

Graphic Designer

Emily Critz, Graphic Designer

Emily Critz

Graphic Designer

Susan Durand, Salesforce Administrator

Susan Durand

Salesforce Developer

Jacob Fisher, Database Administrator

Jacob Fisher

Salesforce Developer

Larry Gabbard, Salesforce Developer

Larry Gabbard

Salesforce Developer

Brian Kilman

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brandon McGhee, Systems Team Leader

Brandon McGhee

Systems Team Leader

Mary Murphy, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Mary Murphy

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Brian Walsh, E-Commerce Team Leader

Brian Walsh

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Dan Warner, Business Analyst

Dan Warner

Business Analyst