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April 15 | Music

Saint Abbondio


Music is one of the most amazing gifts life has to offer. A day without music is a day—can we even finish the sentence? It is hard to imagine. And while we may be tempted to dismiss a day without music as being easy to accomplish or of little consequence, this is only because we forget that music is everywhere. 

Because it is everywhere, we have come to take music for granted. Music is on elevators and in waiting rooms, at the supermarket and in restaurants. Music is everywhere. But are we listening? Or is it just blocking out other noise? Too often, the latter is true, and what a soulless use of music that is.

Saint Abbondio did not take music for granted. In fact, he wrote one of the most enduring pieces of sacred music ever written.

While Abbondio's tenure as the Bishop of Como was marked by his robust defense of Christian doctrine against heretical teachings, it was his profound appreciation of the beauty of God that led to his most enduring legacy: The "Te Deum," a hymn of praise and thanksgiving. It is often sung on occasions of great joy and great solemnity, such as priestly ordinations and funerals. Its opening lines, "Te Deum laudamus" (We praise thee, O God), capture the essence of Christian worship and the spirit of Abbondio’s own life. 

When was the last time you sat down and did nothing else but listen to music? Take some time today simply to listen to music. Choose a song or an album by Mozart and let it speak to you about the range of human experience. Or turn on the sacred music that Christians have loved for centuries. Turn on the “Te Deum” and let the melodies move you, even if you don’t understand the Latin lyrics. 

Find a quiet place, quiet your heart and mind, and listen to the music with new ears. Listen to the music as if you have never heard music before. Listen to the music as if you had been denied music for 20 years. 

Learning to listen to music again will make our souls dance for joy.


I will allow music to renew my heart, body and mind.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Como, Italy

Also Known As: Abundius

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