Better Together Workbook

by Dynamic Catholic

Better Together Workbook

by Dynamic Catholic
ISBN: 978-1-63582-083-6
Whether you’re engaged or married, this hands-on guidebook will jumpstart pivotal discussions and help you grow together.


There are areas in every relationship that have the power to make or break a marriage—it all depends on how couples approach them. The BETTER TOGETHER Couple’s Guide is designed to help engaged and married couples navigate these topics at any point in their relationship so their marriage can thrive. Additionally, this guidebook is a companion to the BETTER TOGETHER videos and Marriage Prep and Enrichment Email Programs, so couples who are using those resources will get even more out of their experience. Filled with fun activities, pivotal questions, inspiring stories, and lots of room to write, this guidebook will prove indispensable on any couple’s journey to become the-best-version-of-themselves.

The Couple's Guide comes in packs of two so each spouse can have their own book. To help couples quickly identify whose book is whose, one book has a blue spine, and one has a teal spine.

  • ISBN: 978-1-63582-083-6

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