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Holy Week Retreat

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A Bold New Experience

Your Whole Life in Eight Days

When’s the last time you had a life-changing Holy Week experience? This year, do something different. Do something bold. Do something amazing. Join our brand new Holy Week Retreat and discover just how life-changing this one week can be.

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See Your Story in His Story

Day 1

Palm Sunday

Triumph. Praise. Determination. Walk with Jesus as he enters Jerusalem and teaches you how to embrace your greatest mission.

Day 2

Monday of Holy Week

Anger. Injustice. Frustration. Stand witness as Jesus clears the Temple of everything that is unworthy of God…and invites you to do the same in your life.

Day 3

Tuesday of Holy Week

Wisdom. Inspiration. Painful growth. Hear the words meant just for you as Jesus preaches his last sermon on Earth.

Day 4

Spy Wednesday

Betrayal. Secrets. Lost trust. Learn to conquer even the darkest moments as Jesus’ closest friend conspires to have him killed.

Day 5

Holy Thursday

Anxiety. Fear. Communion. Discover what matters most as Jesus celebrates the Last Supper, prays in the Garden, and prepares for his death.

Day 6

Good Friday

Pain. Suffering. Abandonment. Unite your suffering to the King’s as he breathes his last breath on the Cross.

Day 7

Holy Saturday

Death. Waiting. Loss. Allow yourself to grieve and rekindle hope on the day Jesus lays in the tomb.

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Day 8

Easter Sunday

What part of your life needs to be resurrected this Easter? Your health? Your finances? Your relationships? Bring it all to Jesus and let him lead you to amazing new possibilities.

How the Ultimate Holy Week Retreat Works

This simple but profound retreat will show you how to apply Jesus’ wisdom to every aspect of your daily life in just a few minutes! It’s completely FREE, online, and you can go at your own pace.

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You are signing up for daily email reflections. The Holy Week Retreat will start on Palm Sunday.

Special Thanks

The Holy Week Retreat is made possible by The Dynamic Catholic Ambassador’s Club. Thanks to their generosity, this mission reaches 10 million individuals and 10,000 parishes every year with world-class resources that inspire people to rediscover the genius of Catholicism. Are you bold enough to join them?

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