Love Sex & Marriage

How to Have a Great Marriage
by Allen Hunt

Love Sex & Marriage

How to Have a Great Marriage
by Allen Hunt
ISBN: 978-1-937509-51-4
These practical, powerful messages will help you and your spouse embrace and appreciate your differences, strengthen your relationship, and build a marriage that lasts a lifetime.


This CD Set includes three talks by Dr. Allen Hunt

1. The 5 Things Women Need to Know About Men

In his first talk, Dr. Hunt shares the five things men wish women understood about men. Men were created by God with their own special needs and desires, from a need to provide to a profound need for respect. He relates the five lessons to marriage and provides practical tips to continually improve relationships. This talk roots marriage in the Catholic faith and explains how God designed men and women for mutual love with specific needs and hopes.

2. What Men Need to Know About Women

Building on his first talk in the series, Dr. Hunt shares key insights women would like men to know about women, love, marriage, sex, and relationships. God designed women in ways uniquely different from men, and men often need to be coached to understand and appreciate those crucial differences. Dr. Hunt provides couples with helpful tips to continually improve their relationships in everyday life.

3. The Most Important Word in Your Marriage

In the final talk of the series, Dr. Hunt guides couples through the single most important word that any married couple needs to embrace. Surprisingly, that word is not “love.” Rather, the most important word is an often forgotten dimension of relationships that proves pivotal in determining the lasting satisfaction and health of a marriage. Using powerful illustrations, and interactive demonstrations, the lesson lays a foundation for building happy and healthy marriages.

  • ISBN: 978-1-937509-51-4