We hope you are loving Matthew Kelly’s new book, I Heard God Laugh. Please enjoy your special bonus content below—11 of our best videos on prayer. Plus, because you’re so awesome, we’re letting you be the first to check out Matthew Kelly’s 2-page guide called “Nine Steps to Forming a Habit.”

The Prayer Process

The Power of Prayer

Teresa of Avila: The First Routine

Spontaneous Prayer

Prayer In A Marriage

Personal Relationship With God


How Will You Pray?

Holy Moment Experience

Great Habits

Good Friday: Unexpected Beginnings

Nine Steps to Forming a New Habit

Change your habits. Change your life. This printable guide contains Matthew’s Nine Steps to Forming a New Habit. Use it to help you form a habit of prayer or start any new habit that will help you become the best-version-of-yourself.

Prayer Process Poster

The Prayer Process is designed to facilitate an intimate conversation with God about the things that are happening in your life and the things happening deep in your heart. This helpful poster walks you through each step of The Prayer Process.

Inspiring Wallpapers

Use these inspiring quotes as a reminder to form a habit of prayer in your daily life. These images are available in multiple sizes so you can have inspiration across all your devices. Want inspiring quotes like these sent directly to your email inbox? Sign up to start receiving them today!

Prayer Process Card

These handy cards are helpful for developing a habit of prayer. The prayer process cards make it easy to pray anytime, anywhere.

Prayer Tools Study Guide

Download them all!

The Basics

What Is Your Image of God?

The Name of God

Personal Clarity

Life In Every Choice