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February 20 | Dissatisfaction

Saint Wulfric

A.D. 1080–1154

You have so much more to offer. You sense it. You may have known it for a long time. It's a truth that lingers, waiting patiently for us to pay attention to it. It's a soul sense, and when your soul senses such a thing, it should never be ignored.

We often treat our dissatisfaction as a malfunction. We think something is wrong. We think we need to be fixed. But when you sense that something is missing, that there must be more to life, that you have so much more to offer, your intuition has never been so sharp. Claim these as sacred truths about yourself. Listen and follow where they lead.

Saint Wulfric listened to his dissatisfaction, and it led him to a life of wisdom.

In his life as a priest, Wulfric felt a profound emptiness and dissatisfaction as he spent his days hunting, engaging in social life, and managing his parish. He knew he was called to more, but he avoided it for a while. Then came his decision to listen to his dissatisfaction and follow it without holding back.

Wulfric made the drastic choice to seclude himself in a small cell outside an English church, where he remained for the rest of his life. He devoted himself to intense prayer, meditation, and strict penances.

His reputation as a holy man spread through all the land. Despite his physical isolation, people from all walks of life, including nobility and clergy, sought out his wisdom. His cell became a place of pilgrimage for those seeking spiritual guidance, insights into moral dilemmas, or, perhaps most importantly, simple advice on practical matters. Even the King of England, Henry I, sought out his counsel. 

Our dissatisfaction probably won’t lead us to a life of seclusion in a cell. In fact, our outer circumstances may look similar to how they were before. Everyone is unique. But one thing is for sure: You will constantly be growing and making the changes that are best for you.

Your dissatisfaction is an invitation to change, to grow, to wake up. Will you accept the invitation?


I will listen to my dissatisfaction and follow where it leads.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Also Known As: Saint Wulfric the Miracle Worker

Feast Day: February 20

Feast Day Shared By: Saint Leo of Catania

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