Walk Humbly with Your God

by Fr. Andrew Apostoli

Walk Humbly with Your God

by Fr. Andrew Apostoli
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Learn simple steps to overcoming your weaknesses, growing in prayer, and developing virtues that will help you face any challenge that comes your way.


After the World Trade Towers went down in New York, Father Apostoli ministered at the morgue set up at Ground Zero. When search teams discovered the body of a police officer or firefighter, an honor guard formed and gathered the body with great reverence. For Father Apostoli, these moments vividly captured the unspoken code of these heroic public servants: “We go in together, we come out together.”

Christians, if they are to have any impact in today’s world, have something of the same code: We fight the good fight, side by side, ready to lay down our lives for one another.

Such heroism doesn’t come naturally. As Walk Humbly With Your God points out, it is in the day-to-day training, in taking the simple steps to holiness, that heroism becomes second nature.

Father Apostoli provides an inspirational guide to conquering our faults, growing in prayer, and acquiring the virtues that enable us to walk with God and live for others

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