13 Powerful Ways to Pray

by Eamon Tobin

13 Powerful Ways to Pray

by Eamon Tobin
ISBN: 978-1-942611-88-2
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In this practical guide, learn 13 ways to cultivate a dynamic friendship with God that will excite, amaze, and strengthen you.


Prayer nourishes your soul in wonderful ways.

Just as there are many different foods for the body, so too are there many different types of prayer for the soul. And a healthy prayer diet will include a variety of them for different times and seasons. But what are these different methods of prayer?

In this practical book by Fr. Eamon Tobin, you'll discover thirteen of the most common ways to communicate with God. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of why prayer is essential to your life, how it comforts and transforms you, and what to do when it seems dry or difficult.

Some of the prayer methods suggested in this book can be easily incorporated into your everyday life, while others require taking time away from your normal activities to intentionally meet God in solitude. But the goal is always the same: connecting with God and learning to know him more intimately. When it comes to prayer, there's something here for everyone.

  • ISBN: 978-1-942611-88-2

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