Giving Catholics Everywhere a Voice

The Annual Catholic Survey gives Catholics a voice. In 2022, over 74,000 of you answered questions about your fears, hopes, frustrations, and dreams for our Church. For this year’s survey, we’re calling all Catholics–from every walk of life, at every stage of faith. Let your voice be heard!

Annual Catholic Survey Woman Taking Survey

What Makes This
Survey Different?

It gives YOU a voice. Whether you go to Mass each week, have been away for a long time, or you’re somewhere in between, your voice deserves to be heard. The Annual Catholic Survey is the best platform for you to share your real experience of Catholicism in America!

It’s annual.

We’ll identify trends and changes over time by asking the same core questions every year.

It’s for everyone.

No matter what stage of your faith journey you are in, your voice will be heard.

It’s just 10 questions.

In less than a minute, you can offer input on a variety of key topics.

We mean
EVERY Catholic

How powerful would it be if every Catholic in America took this survey…every year?

If we were able to reach people each year from all walks of life, at all stages of faith, we’d achieve a full picture of the Church and Catholics' spiritual lives today.

You can help us turn this dream into a reality. Share the survey with every Catholic you know—family, friends, parishioners, small groups, and whoever else you can.

Speak up for yourself…and then help others do the same!

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