BLESSED First Reconciliation Program Pack

BLESSED First Reconciliation Program Pack

Blessed does more than prepare children for their First Reconciliation. It brings the faith to life in an unforgettable way and inspires them to develop a personal relationship with our merciful God. To order individual workbooks, leader guides, or DVD sets, click here.

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In the beginning our goal was simple. We set out to create the very best and most dynamic First Reconciliation program in the world. As with all of our programs, our first step was to rigorously explore what was working, what wasn’t working, and what experts and volunteers on the front lines thought was needed. Blessed is the result of that research.

Through the combination of beautiful illustrations and incredible content, this workbook helps prepare children for First Reconciliation and introduces them to our loving and merciful God.

With a step-by-step breakdown of each session, discussion questions, suggested activities, a time management tool, and more, this catechist-friendly leader guide will maximize the effectiveness of busy volunteer catechists.

These 42 groundbreaking, animated films captivate children’s hearts and minds and bring the story of God’s love and mercy to life in a way that no First Reconciliation program has ever done before.

A simple and powerful way to teach your children how to pray, this prayer card will inspire your children to have regular and meaningful conversations with God.

Included In This Program:

First Reconciliation Workbook

First Reconciliation Leader Guide

First Reconciliation DVD Set