Never Underestimate the Power of a Grandparent.


by Allen R. Hunt

Discover the vital role God wants you to play in helping your grandchildren grow strong in faith and become who they were made to be. The perfect gift to honor and inspire every grandparent this Grandparents Day!


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Grandparents need encouragement too! From the first chapter, Dreams for Your Grandchild ignites hope, inspires action, and reveals wisdom every grandparent will love!



The Future of Catholicism is in Grandparent’s Hands

Will the next generation be Catholic? More than ever, that question rests in the hands of grandparents.

Research shows that grandparents play a major role in whether or not their grandchildren will remain faithful. Whether they will see themselves as God’s children, make good decisions, and find great meaning in life.

Dreams for Your Grandchild gives every grandparent the inspiration and tools they need to connect their grandchildren with God and his dream for their lives!

Here are three powerful ways to use this book:

  • If you are a grandparent, this book will give you a roadmap to instilling the faith in your grandchildren—regardless of the level of involvement of their parents.

  • If you are a child or grandchild, this is the perfect book to honor and inspire the grandparents in your life this Grandparents Day.

  • If you are a parish or school who celebrates Grandparents Day, hand out this book as a gift and watch grandparents light up with validation and renewed purpose.

Grow Closer Together. Grow Closer to God.

In a time when…

  • 80% of children raised Catholic leave the Church by 23

  • Rates of depression, anxiety and suicide are higher than ever for young people

  • Our soul-destroying culture gets more and more effective at reaching young people

Dreams for Your Grandchild will help every grandparent…

  • Find the courage they need to live authentic Christian lives in front of their grandchildren

  • Gain the hope necessary to keep planting the seeds of faith deep in their grandchildren’s hearts

  • Experience the joy of practicing their faith alongside their grandchildren in real and powerful ways

25% off + Free Shipping!


*Order Today and Get 25% Off + Get Your
Copy by Grandparents Day (September 11th, 2022)


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