Don’t Settle for “I’m Fine.” Embrace Who You Could Be.


by Chris Padgett

Find the courage you need to face your insecurities and find true peace so you can become the best-version-of-yourself!


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Every chapter of this short and practical book will challenge you to be honest with yourself, help you better understand why others act the way they do, and inspire you to take the next step toward stronger relationships—especially your relationship with God.



Calling all flawed, broken and hurting people. It’s time to choose hope.

This book is for those who:

  • Are tired of pretending to be someone they are not and want others to know who they really are.
  • Have felt judged and rejected in the past and want to experience true healing from old wounds
  • Desire deeper and more authentic relationships with their own selves, with others and with God
  • Know someone who is merely surviving and want to help them make the shift toward thriving by sharing this powerful message of hope

Feel Seen, Heard, Known and Loved Like Never Before

We spend an astounding amount of time pretending to be people we are not, hiding ourselves from others, thinking that if they really knew us they would run away. But deep down, we want nothing more than to be truly known. It’s time for you to experience that joy fully and freely.

  • Experience the healing power of God’s love and forgiveness
  • Be freed from past mistakes so that you can live for more
  • Build truly fulfilling relationships on a foundation of vulnerability and trust
  • Shed the burden of others expectations and start living as the person you were made to be

Free + $5.95 Shipping

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