A Historic Journey to Eucharistic Consecration A Historic Journey to Eucharistic Consecration

Join the Life-Changing Spiritual Pilgrimage this Lent

At critical times throughout Salvation History, God’s people have been invited to consecrate themselves. We are at one of those critical times in history, and consecrating ourselves, our families, our country, and indeed, the whole world to the Eucharist may make all the difference. Join us now for BEST LENT EVER and be one of the first people in history to go on this journey!

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Prepare for an Explosion of Grace in Your Life!

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory isn’t just a book—it’s an invitation to a spiritual pilgrimage. BEST LENT EVER will guide you through each day of this unprecedented resource. Order your copy now to make this historic journey!

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33 Days to Eucharistic Glory For Kids

Now every kid can experience the journey to know Jesus like never before.

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Consecrate Your Whole Family!

These spiritual guides will forever change the way your entire family spends time with Jesus in the Eucharist.

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33 Days to Eucharistic Glory: The Journal

This consecration companion gives you the time and space to unpack God’s message for your life.


Days 1-40 | Eucharistic Consecration

Each day of BEST LENT EVER, you’ll receive a short, FREE video from Matthew Kelly full of profound spiritual insight and intensely practical ways to apply the consecration to your life. Consecration means to dedicate yourself to God and make yourself 100 percent available to Him. With three simple daily steps, you can prepare your heart, mind, and soul for this powerful surrender. Sign Up For Free!

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Discover rich insights from the saints, the Bible and Salvation History in an easy-to-follow format!

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Dive deeper into your consecration journey with powerful reflections from Matthew Kelly sent right to your inbox.

Reflect with the Journal

Unpack everything you learn and apply it directly to your life. Get your copy.

Days 41-46 | Holy Week

The Ultimate Holy Week Retreat

Spend the final days of Lent on a bonus retreat that will forever transform the way you experience Easter. You'll reflect on Jesus' final days on Earth...and a powerful theory.

This is the theory: Everything that happens in your life—the big things and the small things—can be found in these eight days of Jesus’s experience. And the eight days that make up Holy Week have something to say about every human experience.

Walk with Jesus as he experiences the depths of loss, love, betrayal, anxiety, peace, fear, renewal, death, and ultimately, triumph. Along the way, you'll recognize yourself and your life in surprising ways. And you’ll learn unmistakable wisdom that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Are you ready to experience Holy Week like never before?

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Experience the Power of Consecration

Make an unconditional surrender to Jesus in the Eucharist and experience the clarity and joy only He can provide.

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Isn’t It Time Catholics Did Something Bold?

We have a dream to consecrate the entire world to the Eucharist…one person at a time, one marriage at a time, one family at a time, one parish at a time, one diocese at a time, one country at a time. Join us for BEST LENT EVER and be part of that dream today.

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Prepare for an Explosion of Grace in Your Life!

33 Days to Eucharistic Glory will help you learn the astonishing history of the Eucharist, meet saints who lived in Eucharistic Glory, and experience spiritual communion with God—all in an easy-to-follow daily format!

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Discover the Deep Meaning of Lent