Reclaim the parts of yourself and your life that you've lost along the way
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Reclaim the parts of yourself and your life that you've lost along the way
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The life that wants to live in you is different than the life you are living.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that something is missing, that there must be more to life, or that you have so much more to offer, [reclaim!] is about to change your life.

Young or old, single, or married, rich or poor, people from all walks of life share these same sentiments. If you’ve ever heard your own soul whispering one of these feelings, then this book is about to change your life.

Through an enlightening question and answer format, inspiring stories and practical articles, Matthew Kelly reveals a truth we all need to hear: these feelings within us are not human malfunctions. They are a message from the deepest part of you, calling you to settle for nothing less than the very-best-version-of-you.

For nearly 30 years Matthew Kelly has been helping people discover the best-version-of-themselves. This book is an exploration of a crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of that process: reclaiming the parts of ourselves and our lives that we’ve lost along the way. You’ll find piercing wisdom and practical insights for reclaiming such things as your: enthusiasm, contentment, emotional boundaries, love of learning, soul in a secular world, priorities, relationship with money and things, and hope for the future.

No matter what you’ve lost, or sense is missing, you’ll receive the tools and inspiration you need to reclaim your life, answer the call to more from your very soul, and reach a new level of flourishing.

What do you need to reclaim?

Reclaiming what you’ve lost is essential to flourishing as the person you were meant to be—unique and wonderful—like never before. ISBN: 978-1-63582-246-5

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