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January 9 | Becoming

Saint Adrian of Canterbury

A.D. 630–710

In a world where instant gratification isn’t fast enough anymore, describing our society as impatient is an understatement of monumental proportions. The desire to do more, have more, and advance faster has outpaced any generation of the past. What is missing is the desire to be and become more. 

Who you become is infinitely more important than what you do or have.

Saint Adrian of Canterbury lived this profound truth. Although details about Adrian’s life are scarce, it is likely that he was born around 630 A.D. in North Africa, a region with deep Christian roots that produced another great saint—St. Augustine. After an Arab invasion, Adrian fled as a refugee to Italy, where his knowledge of Scripture deepened and his talent as a scholar was noticed by many, even the pope.

Twice Pope Vitalian offered to make Adrian the Archbishop of Canterbury. Both times Adrian declined. Instead, he recommended his friend Theodore become bishop—a man who later became a saint himself. When the pope agreed, Adrian was sent to England with his friend to spread the faith in his own way—as a scholar and teacher.

Why did Saint Adrian resist taking one of the most powerful positions in the Church? Because he wasn’t focused on having or doing, he was focused on becoming the best-version-of-himself. God had blessed him with the skill and passion to be a teacher. And so he became one of the most impactful teachers of his age—shaping hearts and minds across Britain for nearly 40 years.

Wherever you are in your life right now, wherever you are in your career and relationships, don’t fall into the trap of focusing on doing more and having more. Focus on becoming more, and your life will flood with meaning and divine purpose.

Do I like who I am becoming? What areas of my life would benefit from a shift from doing and having to being and becoming?

Who I become is infinitely more important than what I do or have.

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Patron Saint of: Libya

Feast Day: January 9

Feast Day Shared by: Saint Andrew Corsini and Blessed Antony Fatati

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