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January 11 | Community

Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch

A.D. 423–529

What set the first Christians apart from the people of their time? How did Christian communities intrigue so many hearts and minds, causing the faith to spread all over the world?

The first Christians were not perfect, but there was a real rigor among them for truth. It may not have been true of every member, but as a community they were rigorously seeking the best way to live the Christian life. Are you and I rigorously seeking the best way to live the Christian life? 

Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch rigorously sought the best way to live the Christian life. Initially, he thought that meant living in solitude in the Judaean desert. Soon, he discovered that Christians are meant to live in community. So, he founded a monastic community near Bethlehem, and this community became a magnet for people rigorously seeking the truth. Under Theodosius’ guidance, they were led closer and closer to God. 

Solitude is vital in any Christian’s life, but the faith flourishes in community. In Theodosius’ monastery, the monks prayed together, ate together, and took care of the sick together. They also rigorously sought the truth together.

It is difficult to find a community like this in modern society. A great separation has taken place between faith, work, and social life. Many people feel that they need to leave the values of their faith outside certain activities in the same way you leave a coat in a waiting room. But that is not the Christian life we’re called to. What set the first Christians apart is that they sought the truth together in community, and tried to bring the truth into every aspect of their lives. 

What would happen if you, me, and Christians across the world decided to live like that today?

How can I get more involved in the life of my parish? How would my life be enriched if I became closer with other Christians seeking to live out their faith?

I will seize the next opportunity to grow closer to my brothers and sisters in the faith.

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Patron Saint of: Monastic Communities

Feast Day: January 11

Feast Day Shared by: Saint Paulinus of Aquileia, Saint Hyginus, and Saint Peter of Caesarea

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