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January 13 | Facing Fear

Saint Hilary of Poitiers

A.D. 315–367

What are you afraid of right now? 

Whatever it is, God has a message for you: “Do not be afraid.” That’s the most common phrase uttered by God in the Bible. God wants us to face our fears. How? With him.

“Do not be afraid” is not just a command. It’s a promise that no matter how scary things may seem, God is with us, and his love is bigger than our fears.

Saint Hilary of Poitiers faced his fears all his life, even when it meant exile and the threat of execution. He trusted God’s promise, and overcame his fears.

Hilary was born into a pagan family, but his pursuit of the truth led him to convert to Christianity.

He soon grew in prominence due to his incredible intellect. However, his commitment to truth led him into conflict with the Arians, a group who denied the divinity of Jesus. With Emperor Constantius II on their side, the Arians were growing in power every day, and called for the removal of Saint Hilary by whatever means necessary. 

Emperor Constantius II eventually exiled Hilary to modern-day Turkey, where the saint defended the faith more fervently than ever before and wrote some of the most influential treatises in Church, earning him the titles “Doctor of the Church” and “Hammer of the Arians.” His exile, rather than silencing him, only amplified his voice, because Hilary knew God was still with him. He knew God wanted him to proclaim the truth, no matter how scary things seemed.

We all have fears. But we don’t have to face them alone. God wants to be with us in our fears. With him, there is no fear that cannot be overcome. So today, let his message reign over your life: “Do not be afraid.”

What is the central fear in my life right now? Have I invited God to be with me in facing that fear?

I will face my fears knowing that God is with me.

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Patron Saint of: Lawyers

Symbols: Mitre and Crozier

Feast Day: January 13

Feast Day Shared by: Saint Remigius

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