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February 1 | Holy Moments

Saint Brigid of Ireland

A.D. 451–525

One of the biggest traps you can fall into in the spiritual life is thinking that holiness is about doing something extraordinary. But most of the time, holiness is just about doing the ordinary things of life with great love. And every time we do something with great love, that’s a Holy Moment. 

Everything is an opportunity for a Holy Moment.

Saint Brigid of Ireland found opportunities in every circumstance of life to collaborate with God and create Holy Moments.

Brigid was the daughter of a pagan chieftain named Dubthach and his Christian slave woman, Broicsech (who was baptized by Saint Patrick). Brigid took her mother’s faith and put it into action from a young age. Even though she was her father’s slave, she would often take his valuables and give them to the poor. Dubthach became so infuriated that he tried to sell her to an Irish king. While Dubthach was speaking to the king, Brigid took her father’s jeweled sword and gave it to a beggar who sold it to feed his family.

That could easily have been the end for Saint Brigid, but the Irish king recognized her holiness and freed her from bondage.

Brigid’s holiness started in little ways. She found opportunities for a Holy Moment in every situation. The impact of these Holy Moments is symbolized in the legend of her cloak. The story goes that when she requested land from a local king to build her monastery and was refused, she asked for as much land as her cloak would cover. Upon laying her cloak on the ground, it miraculously expanded to cover acres for the monastery.

Small acts done with great love. They might not seem like much before you try them, but once you do, you’ll realize each Holy Moment has miraculous power. 

Everything is an opportunity for a Holy Moment.

Do I actively look for opportunities throughout the day to collaborate with God and create Holy Moments? What Holy Moment can I create today?

Today I will collaborate with God to create a Holy Moment.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Ireland, Babies, Farmers, Sailors, and Children Without Married Parents

Symbols: Brigid's Cross, a Lit Lamp, and Livestock

Feast Day: February 1

Feast Day Shared By: Bl. Ludovica Albertoni

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