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January 31 | Dreams

Saint John Bosco

August 16, 1815–January 31, 1888

The ability to dream is uniquely human and an extraordinary gift. This God-given ability to look into the future and imagine something better, then return to the present and work to bring about that better future, is remarkable. And yet, sadly, it is massively underemployed in most people’s lives.

Saint John Bosco was a dreamer. His dreams animated his entire life.

After a difficult childhood where he lost his father at age two, suffered abuse under his older brother, and lived in poverty, John had every excuse to stop dreaming. But the goodness of his mother and his strong faith sustained his hope.

When John was nine years old, he had a dream that changed his entire life. In the dream, he was playing with a group of boys who were cursing and blaspheming. A radiant man and woman appeared to John and told him to make himself humble and strong and, in time, he would show these boys how to live for the Lord.

Not long after, John left home at 12 years old to study to be a priest. After his ordination, John’s ministry was focused primarily on serving young boys who were stuck in poverty, prison or other difficult situations. Eventually his mother joined him in this effort and together they gave housing to over 800 boys. Before his death, John had the foresight to found the Society of St. Francis de Sales (the Salesians) to serve young boys, which it has done for generations.

Our dreams are the visions that shape our lives. When we stop dreaming, we slowly begin to disengage from our work, from our relationships, and from life itself. But when we have the courage to dream, our lives flood with passion and purpose.

Am I using my God-given ability to dream? What dream is God inviting me to pursue at this time in my life?

I will use my God-given ability to dream today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Patron Saint of: Christian apprentices, editors, and publishers

Feast Day: January 31

Feast Day Shared By: Saint Marcella

Canonized: April 1, 1934

Canonized By: Pope Pius XI

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