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February 15 | Resistance

Blessed Diana d’Andalo

A.D. 1201–1236

Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? 

Have you ever thought you could accomplish great things if only you weren't so busy with so many little things? Are you tired of setting goals and not accomplishing them?

If you've ever tried to accomplish anything worthwhile, then you've been face-to-face with resistance. Resistance loves keeping us busy with anything but the one thing that will most help us grow.

What is resistance? It's that sluggish feeling of not wanting to do something that you know is good for you, it's the inclination to do something that you unabashedly know is not good for you, and it's everything in between. It's the desire and tendency to delay something you should be doing right now.

Make no mistake, resistance is your enemy. It will not quietly go away and leave you alone. You have to slay it like a dragon, and you have to slay it anew each day.

Blessed Diana d'Andalo faced resistance, and slayed it.

Diana was born into a noble family who wished to marry her off into wealth and status. But after meeting Saint Dominic and witnessing the beauty of the religious life, she felt God calling her in another direction.

Diana told her family about this call from God. They were strictly against it and wanted to marry her off, and suddenly she was filled with inner resistance. She knew God was calling her to religious life, but she couldn’t quite muster up the strength to follow God rather than the demands of her parents.

Until one day. On that day, she slayed resistance.

Diana ran away from her family, finding refuge with a group of pious women near the church of San Nicolò of the Vineyards in Bologna. With the help of Saint Dominic and Blessed Jordan of Saxony, she established a convent there. Even when her family kidnapped her from the convent, she found a way to overcome resistance once more and escape. 

It’s time for all of us to stop resisting God’s call for our lives. It’s time to slay resistance.


I will slay resistance.

This reflection is brought to you from book title.

Symbols: Handwritten Letters

Feast Day: February 15

Beatified: August 8, 1888

Beatified By: Pope Leo XIII

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